Competitive Advantages

Location - You'll find the City of Bridgeport is strategically positioned for business growth and development with a North Central West Virginia location and access to a job-ready workforce, pro-business climate, incentives for new and existing businesses, and a wealth of resources to help your business grow. The B&O tax rate in the City is one of the lowest in the state. The City of Bridgeport is also building for the future with a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) telecommunications network, new and expanded utility infrastructure, parks and recreation, and educational facilities attractive to young, working families.

Quality of Life - Residents are passionate about Bridgeport, and for good reason. It is one of the fastest growing communities in West Virginia. Our high quality of life attracts a diverse workforce and innovative companies that value local amenities such as a strategic location, abundant natural resources, and a vibrant community. Bridgeport residents enjoy a strong quality of life that is difficult to find elsewhere.

People - Given its prime location and quality of life, it's no surprise that many talented people choose to call Bridgeport home. From budding entrepreneurs to accomplished executives, Bridgeport is home to a diverse workforce. More than 49% of the population has a Bachelor's degree or higher, a rate that tops both the state and national average.

  • Bridgeport is an exceptional place to live and work - full of opportunities from growth in all aspects of life. Top-tier education and health care, a thriving business community, and undeniable scenic beauty are just some of the reasons our City is so livable. All of these features, along with our sense of community, have made Bridgeport the top prospect for people looking to root themselves in opportunity. Learn more about Bridgeport: Climate, Culture, Demographics, Education, Health Care, Public Safety, Recreation.