2019 Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the City of Bridgeport's most important document regarding growth, development and change. The Comprehensive Plan is updated once every five years and is a long-range planning document that is designed to guide future growth, manage expected population growth, and development. 

Chapter 8A of the West Virginia State Code establishes the scope and requirements of comprehensive plans. Each comprehensive plan and subsequent update must follow the requirements found in state code.

W.Va. Code 8A-1-1(a)(5) "a comprehensive plan is a guide to a community's goals and objectives and a way to meet those goals and objectives." According to the West Virginia Code the comprehensive plan should also "be the basis for land development and use, and be reviewed and updated on a regular basis (W.Va. Code 8A-1-1(b)(B3)).

A comprehensive plan is required if a governing body wants to enact a zoning ordinance, enact a subdivision and land development ordinance, require plans and plats for land development, or issue permits for construction.

The City of Bridgeport Comprehensive Plan can be viewed here