City Manager - 304-842-8225

Dear Visitors,

I, and all the employees of the City are pleased to welcome you to our community of 8,500 people.  It is a vibrant community where Opportunity Lives.

The services provided by the 150 dedicated employees range from Police, Fire, Parks, Streets, Utilities, etc. that are second to none.  These excellent services help create a great place to live and work.  In September of 2019, Bridgeport was ranked the 16th Best City Live in the United States by USA Today (regardless of City size).  In 2018, the City was ranked as the 3rd Best Place to retire in West Virginia. 

Each year there are numerous festivals in Bridgeport including Light Up which is the tree lighting celebration, National Night Out and Family Day which is at the start of summer.  All three have thousands who come for the fun.  The Associated Businesses of Bridgeport, the City, volunteers and local vendors make these possible.  There is also a year round Farmer’s Market, Christmas Parade,  and other festival and gatherings each year.

The School system provides a high-quality education from K-12 and ranks among the top in the State every year.  In addition to the academics, Bridgeport High School has won 6 consecutive baseball State Championships, made the semi-finals in the football playoffs in 2017 and 2018 before capturing the State Title in 2019.

We are fortunate to abut the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services center which employs over 2,500 people.  The United Hospital Center – WVU Medicine is a large facility that provides jobs for over 1,500 and services for the entire North Central West Virginia area.

The North Central West Virginia Airport in Bridgeport is enplaning approximately 50,000 people a year.  There are several aviation related businesses on the airport property than employ in excess of 750 and are continuing to expand and add more employees.

As you can tell from this brief letter that Bridgeport is not your typical small town.

I hope you come and visit this great community.  You may find that opportunity you are looking for and make Bridgeport your home.




Randy A. Wetmore, City Manager