Vendor Guidelines



Any company wishing to provide any services or merchandise within the legal boundaries of the cemetery will do so within the complete rules and regulations of The Bridgeport Cemetery at all times.

  • Bridgeport Cemetery must be provided a description of any work to be performed with a 24 hour notice and approval by the Cemetery Manager before any work will commence. Approved services will be authorized to work only during regular business hours. No work will be permitted on Saturdays, Sunday or after business hours Monday – Friday.  
  •  In the interest of the Cemetery, The Cemetery Manager reserves the right to regulate the erection of any monument, memorial, marker, or other structure which would detract from the dignity or appearance of the Cemetery. The Cemetery Manager reserves the right to refuse the erection of any monumental object on a lot whose owner is in arrears in the payment of any indebtedness to the Cemetery, including the cost of foundation fees. In certain sections the lots are sold subject to restrictions (summarized in the appendix of the Rules and Regulation of the Bridgeport Cemetery) as to size, type, number and location of the monumental objects. Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, no monument shall be erected without the approval of the Cemetery Manager.
  • Foundations for all monumental objects must be constructed by the Cemetery Staff. The foundation fee incurred for installation of an upright monument will be charged and paid in full before a foundation will be poured and completed. No installations will be performed by outside vendors unless approved by the Cemetery Manager ahead of time. The Monument, design, style, quality and size must be approved and meet the guidelines.
  • Bridgeport Cemetery reserves the right not to install monuments, markers, vases or monumental objects, and will be not responsible for the purchase of memorials of any kind from outside dealers/vendors which are refused for installation.
  • The Cemetery reserves the right to care for and repair or to remove any monument or structure which has, through decay, dilapidation, or for any other reason, become unsightly or dangerous.
  • When bringing monuments, markers, monumental objects into the Cemetery, Vendors must check in at the Cemetery office.  The items will be inspected by the Cemetery Manager to make sure they meet the rules and regulations of the Cemetery. The items will also be inspected for quality and to make sure the fees are paid in full for installation. Vendors shall not drop off items without the knowledge of the Cemetery Manager. Only items that have been inspected, checked in and signed off on will be permitted. This includes vaults, date cuts, monuments, monumental objects and vases.
  • The Bridgeport Cemetery will not be responsible for any items dropped off without the knowledge of the Cemetery Manager. Items must be approved and signed for before they are dropped off at the Cemetery.